10 Best Oil-Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets (2021 Reviews and Buying Guide)

There are many types of faucets available in the kitchen decoration and accessories area. But if you are into decorating the kitchen for the best look and ambiance then you need to take a look at the different kinds of oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucets. In this article, we reviewed the 10 best oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucets. Among all other design or finish this oil-rubbed bronze faucets really look rich in appearance and makes the place special.

Also, you must know that this type of faucet is made out of a process called oxidation. This process involves submerging the metal in the solution and make the bronze apply over the metal in a certain period of time. Different companies have different ways to do this and the way the metal gets deposited over the required product might differ. This changes the color of the Oil-rubbed bronze product from dark chocolate color to light black.

After the product is oxidized (the above-discussed method) the products are taken out from the solution (here it the faucets) and applied oil by hand and made to dry. This gives them their unique color. These steps different from company to company and the color of the product does change always.

So we highly recommend you to buy oil-rubbed bronze products from a single brand to make the products look even in color. If brought from different brands then the color might change and it will affect the even look of the faucets and other kitchen accessories.

Top 10 Best Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faucets in 2021

1. Kraus KPF-1680ORB Sellette Single Handle Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Kraus KPF-1680ORB Sellette Kitchen Faucet

Brand – Kraus

Made with the material – Brass

Types of finish available – Bronze

Installation Type – Deck mount

Kraus is one of the well-known brands in the field of kitchen accessories. They have multiple products ranging from kitchen faucets to bathroom shower rings. When we plan to select oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucets then we can’t exclude this Kraus brand from the list. Below are the features of the Kraus KPF-1680ORB model.

It has a pull-down sprayer that is well built into the body of the faucet. It is provided with the two important modes. They are spray mode and power spray mode. The spray mode is used to clean the vessels without splashing the water all over the area.

The power mode is used to rub off all the stains with a powerful splash of water. This model is DIY friendly. It means it doesn’t even need the plumber’s help. You can easily install the faucet by yourself without much confusion. A manual book is included in the box.

  • Dual Functionality Sprayer

  • Flexible Hose

  • Easy Installation

  • Built to Last

  • High ARC Spout

  • Spray Head is Plastic

2. SHACO Antique Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet

SHACO Antique – Oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet
Brand – SHACO

Made with the material – Brass

Types of finish available – Oil Rubbed Bronze

Installation Type – Surface mount installation

If you ask me for any special feature in this faucet model I would point out the 360-degree rotation feature. It also has the best under sink clearance so that you can place big vessels under them. Any faucet can be divided into three major types, body, valve, and handle. The body of this SHACO antique faucet is made out of brass material so it everlasting and steady build.

The value of this faucet is made using ceramic. Ceramic is preferred mostly because of its anti-corrosion in nature. Also, it has an amazing record of preventing leaks. These faucets handles are made through stainless steel.

Since it is an everyday usable product we need to make sure the material must be tarnishing resident. Also, this piece has a lifetime warranty from the company if you follow the exact guidelines by the company.

  • Durable

  • Easy Use

  • Easy Installation

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Dual Functionality

  • Short Spray Hose!

3. Ufaucet Antique Lead-free Solid Brass 1 or 3 Hole Single Handle Prep Pull Out Sprayer Black Kitchen Faucet

Ufaucet Antique – Oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucet
Brand – Ufaucet

Made with the material – Brass

Types of finish available – Oil Rubbed Bronze

Installation Holes required – One or three holes

Ufaucet company is one of the few companies that produce A1 quality products for kitchen and bathroom accessories. We were searching for the best oil rubbed bronze made faucets and we ended up with this company’s faucet.

Ufaucet company products are well known for producing accessories with lead-free material. This company perfectly follows all the standards such as NSF, cUPC stuff. This company cares about its users and made the installation very simple. You need not hire a plumber. There will be a manual inside the kit and you can use the manual to set up the faucet on your own. A deck plate is included with the box so that you can cover any unused mounting holes after the installation.

Since this is a pullout sprayer, the sprayer will have a high arc around it which helps you to put some big vessels in the sink and wash it. The company offers a warranty for a period of 10 years. You can claim it with your bill.

  • Lead-Free Construction

  • Nice and Sturdy

  • Quick Installation

  • High ARC Spout

  • Pull Down Sprayer

  • Very Large

4. Moen 7594EWORB Arbor Motionsense Wave Touchless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

Moen 7594EWORB Pull down Kitchen Faucets
Brand – Moen

Made with the material – Brass

Types of finish available – Oil rubbed bronze, Chrome, pitch black, Stainless steel

This faucet is a bit pricey. This faucet is especially for antique lovers who never care about money. It doesn’t mean that this faucet never values money, it is worth every penny spent on it. Let me tell you why. This faucet looks retro but it has all the latest technology a faucet could ever have. It has the MotionSense wave recognizer and it detects any kind of motion before the sensor. This sensor is used to automatically switch ON the water.

This feature is really helpful when both of your hands are dirty and you want to touch anything let alone the faucet. Just show your hands under the faucet. It detects and the water flow will be started. It will off by itself after sending down sufficient water to wash your hands. The best part is that you can customize it to select the level of water flow.

Also, few add-ons are also available for this model. You can buy this piece with a soap dispenser, hose management system, and also the latest soap dispensing add-on. Also, the company provides a lifetime warranty.

  • Unique Finish

  • Motion Sensor

  • Power Clean

  • Flexible Design

  • Built to Last

  • Does Not Come with AC adapter

5. Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Fauce

Delta Faucet Windemere Side sprayer Kitchen Faucets
Brand – DELTA

Made with the material – It is made out of brass or plastic.

Types of finish available – Oil Rubbed Bronze

Installation Type – Surface mount installation

Water flow capacity – 1.8 gallons in a minute

One of the best features of this faucet is its powerful sprayer. The sprayer has a powerful mode which when used can remove even the hard oil stains on the vessels in a single wash. This faucet model has a retracting sprayer that is not in the main handle. The sprayer is placed on the side. This faucet can be used at 360 degrees if you are having a double sink then this faucet can be fitted in the middle and can be moved into both sinks. This is an added advantage of the faucet.

Also, the metal body of the faucet is made to do some heavy duties and built in a way it can last longer. If you like to try this one then don’t hesitate to do it. If you are not satisfied with the performance of this faucet you can always ask for a refund. If you find the delivered product as a damaged one then you can ask for replacement of the product.

  • Complete Flexibility

  • Spray Away Messes

  • Durable

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Metal Construction

  • Less Waterflow

6. APPASO 3 Hole Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Magnetic Docking Sprayer Oil Rubbed Bronze

APPASO – Oil rubbed bronze kitchen Faucet
Brand – APPASO

Made with the material – Brass

Types of finish available – Oil Rubbed Bronze

Installation Type – Deck mount installation

This faucet has a sprayer that is attached to the brush. This brush tech is a patented one and won’t be available in any other company faucet for few years. It is built in such way that is easy to handle both flushing thing and washing with one hand.

Also, this faucet has a magnetic docking ability. This feature is very useful when you are holding the vessel in one hand and the sprayer in the other hand, now you need to place the sprayer down and need to move the other vessel you will not be able to place the sprayer in the stand with one hand if there is no magnetic resting block. If you have a magnetic dock then you can lock the sprayer with one hand in the magnetic dock.

Like the other faucets, this faucet is also very easy to install. The DIY kit is available with the box so that users who don’t want to call a plumber can also install the faucet by themself. Also, the APPASO company provides you with a 90 days money-back guarantee so that you can try their product without the fear of losing the money.

  • Innovative Brush

  • Magnetic Docking

  • Patent Protection

  • Super Easy To Install

  • Nice Quality

  • No Cons

7. OWOFAN Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer

OWOFAN Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer
Brand – OWOFAN

Made with the material – It is made with different types of materials such as Stainless steel, Zine, ABS plastic, PEX hose, and Brass

Types of finish available – Oil rubbed bronze faucet

Installation Type – It is a surface-mounted installation type

These faucets also have a sprayer that can work in two main ways. One method is a splash-free mode where you can use the jet stream to clean the soap on the utensils without getting the water splashed. Another mode is the powerful jet stream which will be useful when you have the oil or grease type vessels to be cleaned. Also, this model is not only for home usage but also can be used in commercial places such as hotels, restaurants, and all the places where heavy cleaning is required.

The body of the faucet is built in a way that it can handle a lot of heavy work from commercial usage. Also, the body finish can withstand a lot of chemicals that can cause corrosion. Every piece of this faucet is tested multiple times before getting packed.

  • Commercial Design

  • High Quality

  • Easy Cleaning

  • Rust-resistant

  • Control Water Temperature

  • Little Harder Installation

8. Moen 7294ORB Arbor One-Handle Pullout Kitchen or Laundry Faucet

Moen 7294ORB Arbor Kitchen Faucet
Brand – Moen

Made with material – Metal

Types of finish available – Oil rubbed bronze

Installation Type – Single hole deck mount method

Unique speciality of this Moen faucet is the power clean technology. Power clean technology is a way the water gets splattered or sprayed by which the dirt gets cleaned good and fast than the normal methods. Normally the capacity of this faucet is more than 50% of the other brands.

This faucet is very simple and easy to install. It can be either installed using the one hole or it can also use 3 holes available in the kitchen sink. If you are going to install the faucet in only one hole and the sink has an extra 2 holes then they can be closed using the mounting plates that are available as an add-on to the kit. The hosepipe that comes with this faucet is highly retractable and easy to use with a single hand.

  • Unique Finish

  • Power Clean

  • Flexible Design

  • Easy To Install

  • Built To Last

  • Some Plastic Components

9. Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

Delta Faucet Leland – Single handle kitchen sink
Brand – Delta Brand

Made with material – Brass

Types of finish available – Venetian Bronze

Installation Type – Deck mounted installation

There are three major types available in this faucet model. They are standard, VoiceIQ type, and Touch20. This faucet model is a pull-down spray type and also has a magnetic docking style spray holder. This faucet has an oil rubbed bronze finishing. It looks like dark chocolate or brown in color.

Also, this faucet uses diamond seal technology which is one of the finest latest tech available for the kitchen faucets. This technology prevents the leakage of water and also lasts more than twice that of the normal faucets. This faucet has a sprayer that emits powerful jet stream of water that will reduce the time taken for cleaning heavy oil dirt vessels.

The Delta brand gives you a limited warranty for all their products. You can buy the product and test them for a period of time. If you don’t like it then you may return the product with the 90-day window and get your money back.

  • Sensor On-Off

  • Magnetic Docking

  • Lasts 2x Longer

  • Powerful Spray

  • Easy Installation

  • No Cons

10. SOKA Black Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Sink Faucet

SOKA – Pull down Sprayer type kitchen sink
Brand – SOKA brand

Made with the material – Rustless stainless steel

Finish type – Brushed brass coating

Handle – Sideways

Installation method – Unlike other faucets this is a screw-type model.

This one is a pull-out sprayer. Very simple and minimal design makes this faucet the best choice. Very carefully engineered to prevent the loss of water in dripping. Dripping not only wastes water but also will corrupt the pipe very slowly. Also, the ceramic disc cartridge is used in the kitchen faucet.

The sprayer of this faucet has three modes. Spray, Stream and pause features. Spray mode sprays the water in a wide-area just to wash the particles or dirt of the surface. The steam type water spray will direct water through a single stream that can use the force to drive away any dirt particles in the vessels.

The body is built of stainless steel and so there are very few to no chances of corrosion or rust. If you are going to do the installation by yourself, then you can follow the manual book provided by the brand with the kit. Warranty available from the company but it’s a limited one.

  • Pull-out Design

  • Premium Quality

  • Built To Last

  • Easy Installation

  • Multitask Mode

  • Low Water Pressure

How to Choose an Oil-Rubbed Bronze Faucet

Unique color & Design

Unlike the rest of the faucet designs, these oil-rubbed bronze designs look stylish and unique. If you are looking to design your kitchen in a way the people get astonished by the look of it, then I would highly recommend you to choose this Oil-Rubbed Bronze faucet.

Old look with New Technology

Few people love the retro look of the faucet. Here these types of oil-rubbed faucets give you the retro look but with completely new technology inside them. This type of faucet has motion detectors, voice controls and they also get connected with the smart house. So you can even voice control the faucet.

Robust design

This model faucet is developed to long last. They are a bit pricey and also they are worth every dollar you spend on them. The body design of the faucet is made so strong as to prevent any accidental damage to it. It also uses correction free parts inside the faucets.

Also with the same type of oil-rubbed bronze finish, the faucets are of different types. Every model is specific to some kind of function. Let’s see about the different kinds of faucet models.

Faucets are majorly divided into two main categories based on their usage and model. They are based on their sprayer pull-type and based on the handle. If you categorize based on the sprayer pull-type then they can be divided into:

  1. Pull out faucets
  2. Pull-down faucets

If you categorize them based on the handles in the faucets then they are categorized as:

  1. Single Handle Faucets
  2. Double Handle Faucets

Let’s see them in a little brief manner. It will help you to choose when one is best for you.

1. Pull down faucets

In a pull-down faucet, there will be a tall sprout and good under the tap space to wash big vessels easily. In the pull-down faucet, you can increase the length of the hose by pulling down the faucet. If your sink space is large and you need to water every place of it then the pull-down sprayers are one of the best choices. Depending on the model and brand you buy, the length of the sprayer will get varied in length.

The advantages of pull-down faucets are a lot. You can pull down the prayer till the last of the basin. This will minimize the splash over the basin. The look is extremely attractive. But one disadvantage is that if you don’t know to handle the nozzle properly then you might end up spraying the water everywhere.

2. Pull out faucets

Pull-out faucets are more like pull-down faucets. The only difference between them is the length of the sprout. The pull-down faucets have a large spout than the pull-up faucets. Sometimes there may not be any arc at all. Some pull out faucets are simply straight and don’t have any bend or arch.

These kinds are faucets are used in places where the arch-type of spouts are not required and the sink is shallow.

3. Single Handle Faucets

As the name says the single handle faucets have one handle that can control the flow of the water. It can handle the temperature as well as the water flow. Nowadays the trend is single-handle faucets. It is easy to control with one handle than rather having a lot more.

If you see the model of single-handle faucets you can see on the side the lever for water handling. It is simple and minimalist. Some of the older models will have the handle on the top. Both the designs are simple and best.

4. Double Handle Faucets

This model faucets have double handles for controlling the flow of water in the faucet. Also, these kinds of faucets have few additional mounting holes in the sink for their proper installation. Most people are avoiding this double handle faucet because of the complicated control. The double handle faucets have two control one for the hot water and the other one for the cold water. It is marked with either red or blue to distinguish them.

If you are into the looks then these double handle faucets are a great choice. They look royal and fantastic. Also if you love the motion detection feature then it is mostly not available with the double handle faucets.

Here are some of the important things that you should have in mind before buying the oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucet.

Installation of Bronze Kitchen Faucets

First of all, before planning to buy any of the faucets you need to know how you are going to install them. If you are going to replace any existing old faucet then you must know how many mounting holes are already in the sink and how much it is required for the new faucet. If both the values are the same then you can proceed to buy. Also, don’t forget about the length and size of the basin. If you need 360 degrees rotatable faucet then you need to have a big sink and the faucet installation mounting hole in the middle if not then a simple faucet is enough.

Oil-rubbed bronze faucets are heavy

If you don’t know this before then you need to know this. Normally the oil-rubbed bronze faucets are a little heavier than the normal faucets. So you must install the faucet in a way it won’t be heavy on the sink and bend it.


Most of the oil-rubbed bronze faucet brands will never provide you with a warranty for the outer finish. Because these outer finishes might get rubbed off very easily. But for the outer body and the inside parts, they might provide you with a lifetime warranty. But almost all companies will cover any damages that happen during the shipment of the material.

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