How to Tighten a Loose Moen Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

If you are here then you must be experiencing few difficulties with your faucet because of the loose handle. Check out our guide on how you can tighten a loose moen single handle kitchen faucet. Loose handles in faucets are really frustrating because these loose handles not an only malfunction but also leads to water leakage that might cause more damage than the loosened handle itself.

So the loose Moen single handle must be fixed soon as soon as you discover that it is leaking or loosened. You need to know why the handle gets loosened before repairing them so that you can prevent them from happening again.

Reasons for the Loose Kitchen Faucet Handle

1. O-Ring


When you read most of the customer’s complaints they always complain that their O-ring was the main culprit in this problem. O-ring is a torus-shaped tool that sits in the groove and its main job is to seal the gap between the two parts and to keep them intact and prevent any leaks. If the O-ring got worn or torn then the gap occurs between the two joints or the junction which will eventually lead to the loose handle.

2. Screws

screw types

Screws are the main components that hold the faucet handles incorrect position. If the screws got loose then the faucet handle will get loose too. It is very important to address the rusting with the screws. You have to clean them then and there to keep the screws safe from rusting.

3. Mis-Installation

mis installation

We are not always the responsible ones for the problems. It might happen because of improper installation also. If the plumber didn’t tighten the screws properly, you will get a loose handle soon within few months of usage.

These are the main reasons for the loose handles or the leaky handles. Next, we will discuss some of the possible fixes for this problem which you can do by yourself with the tools that are readily available at home. Even if it is not then you can get them quick online or buy at the local store.

As always I will recommend calling a plumber if you are not confident of what you are going to do. If you mess up then it will attract a heft bill from the plumber. So please do with care. Here we have given you the complete detailed steps to tighten a loose Moen single handle kitchen faucet. Also, check how to unclog a kitchen sink with standing water.

Prerequisites to Tighten the Faucet Handle

Before jumping in to collect the tools make sure to turn off both the hot and cold water supply valve. So that you don’t get to splash the water all over the kitchen.

Primary requirements

  1. Wrench – You should get a wrench depending on the head size of the handle. If the handle is hex-shaped then you can get a hex head wrench for tightening it. According to the customers, a 3/32 wrench will do the job, since it is the default size of the Moen brand faucets.
  2. Basin wrench – Basin wrenches are one of the most important tools that are mostly used to install or remove the kitchen faucets. Keep one of them ready for use.
  3. Glove and a flashlight – You might be in a position to touch the greasy part of the pipe since you are going to remove the handle. So make sure to have gloves with you. Also, you will be fixing the base of the faucet under the sink. It will be dark there. Instead of tightening the wrong part, you can use the flashlight to see properly and fix the right base.
  4. Mini Knife – Knives can be used to do small tasks and are handy just in case you need them.

Steps to Tighten the Handle of a Moen Kitchen Faucet

  1. Shut off the water supply

shut off water supply

The water supply must be disconnected before you do any kind of repair activities. Else a lot of water might be splashed all over the kitchen.

  1. Find the problem

Now you have to examine which part of the sink is leaking or causing the problem. If the handle is loose then you must disassemble the cap in order to find the part that is damaged which caused the loose handle or leak. There will be a hex-shaped screw in the cap and you need to remove it.

You can either use the Allen wrench or the mini knife that you have. It will be more than sufficient. If the damaged part is the O-ring then there is no other way than to replace the O-ring itself. 

  1. Remove the set screw

In order to completely remove the Meon kitchen faucet handle, you need to remove the set screws that are underneath the decorative cap of the faucet. Once you successfully remove the screws then the handle can be removed with ease. You can use an Allen wrench (3/32 size). 

Examine the interior to find the cause of the problem. Replace the damaged parts and place the set screws back in place and tighten them. If the loose nuts were the only problem then you need not worry about the spares, just tighten the screws and you will be fine. Make sure the handle is tightened now. 

  1. Turn the water supply ON

This is the testing phase. Turn on the value and see whether the Meon Kitchen handle leaks now. If not, then congrats you have fixed it. If it still leaks then turn off the valve again and try to get under the sink and check the base of the faucet for clues about the leak. Use the wrench to tighten the base of the faucet.

Congrats on tightening the Meon single handle kitchen faucet by yourself. It feels good to solve these problems by yourself without calling a plumber and waiting for them.

Tip: Never leave a loose handle of the faucet without repairing it, because leaking water will do more damage than the running water.


After doing it for the first time you will get the idea to solve this problem faster than the first time. So no leaks on your faucets hereafter. My sincere advice for you is to keep all the tools required readily available before you start the work else the work might be stopped in the middle and you may not be able to open the water valve before the work is done. 

If you have any doubts regarding the tightening of the single handle kitchen faucet please do leave a comment below.

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